Senior meal delivery services are an excellent solution to guaranteeing that your elderly loved ones are well-fed and receiving the vital nutrients and vitamins that they need to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. Understandably, it can be difficult to help them maintain a healthy diet on a regular basis without the assistance of a professional caregiver and in some cases, even the caregivers might need a little additional support. After all, they already do so much such as helping out with light housework, running errands, helping your loved one in the bathroom and so much more. Considering everything caregivers do for your elderly loved one, sometimes focusing on good nutrition can fall to the wayside. That’s where having prepared meals delivered for seniors can be a godsend and major time-saver! Keep reading to learn more about all of the benefits of enrolling in a meal delivery program for your elderly loved one.

Senior Meal Delivery Service
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Helping Seniors Maintain a Balanced Diet

Prepared meal delivery services can help guarantee that your elderly loved one is receiving all the nutritional foods they need in order to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Since many seniors who prefer to continue living independently may have mobility or memory constraints, it’s not always easy, or safe, for them to prepare their own meals and they need a reliable service available to make sure they’re eating the right foods at the right times.

Safety and Time Management

Having meals delivered directly to your elderly loved one’s residence is also an excellent way to periodically check on them from time to time to make sure that they’re safe and are eating enough throughout the day. At your request, some meal delivery services will send you progress reports upon the delivery and acceptance of meals so that you know that your loved one received their food for the day.

Custom-Made Meals

Another important benefit of this service is that all the meals are custom prepared according to the dietary requirements and restrictions of your elderly loved ones. Each meal is prepared fresh and in compliance with your specific requests and instructions. As long as you provide a list of acceptable and unacceptable ingredients or food items, senior meal delivery services in Milton and throughout the province will adhere to your instructions to reduce the risk of adverse or allergic reactions.

Easy Access and Availability

The best part of this service is how easy and accessible it is, not to mention the fact that it can also help to relieve a great deal of stress when it comes to spending time and money grocery shopping. Now you can focus more of your attention on simply spending quality time with your elderly loved one rather than trying to constantly come up with fresh meal ideas for them.


Shopping for groceries for yourself and your elderly family member can get to be quite expensive, especially if they have special dietary restrictions such as diabetes or other illnesses that require purchasing special foods. By having their meals delivered to them on a daily basis, you no longer have to worry about the expense of purchasing groceries for your loved one. Fresh meals will be delivered to them every single day and this also lowers the risk of food waste.


Aside from the convenience and inexpensiveness of having someone deliver meals to your senior family member, another benefit is that this service allows their caregivers to spend less time tending to their needs and more time simply enjoying their company. One of the most important parts of caring for another person is spending quality time with them and exhibiting emotional support, which is what a lot of seniors feel is lacking in their golden years. Bonding over a delicious and healthy meal can help give your elderly loved one a new lease on life and make them feel more like they have a friend in their midst rather than just someone who’s paid to look after them and this is an invaluable gift.

Nutritious and Delicious Food

Delivering meals for seniors in Hamilton and other parts of Ontario means that the quality of the food must be absolutely top notch. They must be fresh and contain high-profile nutrients and minerals such as fiber, saturated fats, and the daily recommended value of sodium. All of this is measured based on the dietary needs of your elderly loved one and each portion is carefully crafted in compliance with those restrictions.

Weekly Menus Available

Just because meals delivered to seniors across Ontario are required to be nutritious, that doesn’t mean that they’re bland or boring. Typically, the menus are updated on a weekly basis so that your elderly loved one will always have a wide variety of delicious meals to choose from that suit their dietary needs and taste buds. From fresh, local, and seasonal fruit and vegetables to delicious and indulgent meals, the possibilities and flavor combinations are endless!

Meals Available Upon Your Request

Whether you only want one meal delivered per day or are interested in the full breakfast, lunch, and dinner package, Laurentian Retirement Services does it all. We offer flexible and affordable meal delivery packages for seniors all across the Hamilton and Halton regions.

Who Are Laurentian Retirement Services?

Laurentian Retirement Services offers comprehensive care to people of retirement age in Ontario. From extensive and personalized meal delivery services to in-home care and assistance, we do it all. Our fully trained and licensed caregivers offer compassionate and comprehensive care based on the needs of your elderly family member. We only hire the most qualified caregivers who have experience working in the field of healthcare and specialize in senior living, which means each and every single one of our professional caregivers is carefully vetted and matched to your elderly family member. If you’re looking to have prepared meals delivered to seniors in Oakville, Hamilton, Milton and surrounding area, then please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services!