In-Home Special Care

Caring for a loved one who has unique care needs due to an illness or injury can be overwhelming, which makes our compassionate and qualified in-home healthcare services perfect for both full-time care and respite support.

Our In-Home Senior Healthcare Services

The carefully trained and highly qualified caregivers at Laurentian Retirement Services can provide excellent in-home care services for seniors throughout Ontario’s Halton Region. We take the time to truly understand all of your unique concerns and will provide a personalized care plan that works best for you. Whether your elderly loved one only needs someone to periodically check in on them or if they need someone to come over every day and tend to their various household and personal grooming needs, we’re certain that we can match them with the best possible caregiver who specializes in their specific care needs.

With our in-home elderly care services, your loved one will receive a customized care regimen that takes those needs and their environment into account as we offer many different types of healthcare services. Some of these special situations include the following:

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Care

Arthritis can lead to frustration, weariness and often depression when a person can no longer perform simple daily tasks with ease. But in many cases, seniors with arthritis can lead full, active lives. Our caregivers can help them maintain their independence by providing various in-home care services such as light housekeeping, laundry duties as well as grocery shopping and running errands with them. Professional in-home nursing care is also an option for patients who need reminders and assistance when it comes to taking their medications as well as other types of treatments.

Cancer Care and Recovery

Many cancer patients feel more comfortable receiving care at home where they have the proper support of family, friends and familiar surroundings. But cancer is a condition that can often change relationships and require families to address issues they’ve never had to face before. When it comes to cancer, in-home care is often a welcomed support system for family members and friends. We’ll work together with you and your loved one at home, allowing you to focus on maintaining that pre-caregiving relationship with them and help lift the burden of taking care of daily activities. Laurentian Retirement Services’ team of caregivers can help with any of our care services, as well as supplement hospice care if need be.

Hospice and Palliative Care Support

Whether you’re simply trying to comfort someone during a serious illness or helping someone realize their wish to pass at home, these types of situations can produce a lot of stress for everyone involved. We can give you respite from the daily tasks that seem to build. From light housekeeping to meal preparation, personal care to nursing, our caregivers can provide the support you need during this difficult time. Our caregiver services for seniors in Hamilton and other parts of the Halton Region have helped countless families navigate these emotionally trying times and we can help you too.

In-Home Mental Health Care

Regardless of age or physical ability, some people who suffer from mental health disorders become homebound during their recovery. Anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression can have an effect on entire families, not just those who are diagnosed. Laurentian’s team of caregivers can provide numerous care services and support that help you do more than just survive a loved one’s struggle with the effects of a mental health disorder. Let us be a significant part of your mental health and recovery journey through our unparalleled caregiver services for seniors in Burlington and throughout the Halton Region.

Heart Disease

Our qualified caregiving team has extensive experience in prevention and care when it comes to managing heart disease. We can customize a program for your loved one that’ll develop and implement a heart-healthy diet, assist with doctor prescribed exercise, help ease strenuous daily activities, and monitor and administer medication.

Why Choose Us for In-Home Health and Nursing Care Services for Your Elderly Loved One?

At Laurentian Retirement Services, our main concern is taking care of the needs of your elderly loved one. Whether that means helping them maintain their personal grooming habits, running errands with them, helping them around the house, assisting them with pet care, doing laundry, preparing meals, and medication management, we want to be there throughout every step of their treatment process.

Areas We Provide Senior Caregiver Services in Ontario

Regardless of the type of care your elderly loved one requires, we can provide excellent caregiver services for seniors in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, and other parts of Ontario. Our caregivers are specially trained to handle a wide range of physical, medical, and mental health issues in a calm, compassionate manner because we understand just how challenging it may be to manage daily routines with physical limitations and we simply want to provide families with the right resources, tools, and coping mechanisms to help them with any of their care needs.

To learn more about our comprehensive in-home care services for the elderly, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.