In-Home Mental Health Care Services for the Elderly

Providing high-quality in-home mental health care services for the elderly is often considered to be a topic that’s far too sensitive for open discussion, but it’s definitely one that’s worth mentioning in today’s climate. Discussions surrounding mental health in general are often swiftly swept under the rug in the hopes that they’ll be forgotten. Unfortunately, this means that many seniors who suffer from mental health disorders or illnesses are undiagnosed, mistreated, and underrepresented. Common mental health symptoms are often mistakenly relegated as normal signs of getting older and typically don’t get the attention they deserve as a result.

It is critical not to underestimate the importance of providing excellent mental health care services for seniors and apply the necessary attention to the obvious signs of depression, anxiety, dementia, and other conditions from which older adults suffer.

Common Elderly Mental Health Conditions and Disorders

It’s estimated that approximately 1 in 5 Canadians will experience a mental illness or addiction throughout their lifetimes and that number increases as people get older. The reality is that seniors often start to feel lonely as they start to reach certain milestones in life. Children grow up and eventually move out to start families; spouses, friends, and family members may pass on; and their physical health may begin to deteriorate.

When people think of mental disorders associated with the elderly, the first one that comes to mind is dementia or some variation of it like Alzheimer’s. Even though this isn’t completely off the mark, there are other mental health issues that are currently afflicting the elderly population in Canada. These include depression, suicide, anxiety, memory loss, and other disorders which also tend to affect entire families, not just those who are diagnosed.

It’s proven that regular social interactions and in-depth home care for mental health can help exponentially improve an elderly person’s overall quality of life and outlook. While constant companionship isn’t necessarily what every senior wants, once in a while it’s nice for them to have someone to talk to, run errands with them, or engage in some social hobbies to combat loneliness that usually comes with old age.

Symptoms of Mental Illness in the Elderly

Every type of mental illness has its own set of symptoms and it’s not uncommon for some of those symptoms to overlap with one another. Part of the problem when it comes to accurately diagnosing certain mental illnesses in the elderly is the fact that it can be quite challenging to distinguish what exactly is causing these symptoms. Memory loss, forgetfulness, disorientation, self-harm, feeling sad all the time, self-deprecating behaviour, secluding oneself from friends and family are all major signs of severe mental illness and should be taken seriously.

Our In-Home Mental Health Care Services for Seniors in Halton Hills, Ontario

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