In-Home Cancer Care Services for the Elderly

Cancer affects people of all ages, including the elderly. As people get older, their physical and mental faculties can begin to weaken. The rate at which this happens depends largely on how well we take care of ourselves. Lifestyle choices such as healthy eating and regular exercise can all contribute to staving off serious diseases and injuries throughout our lives. However, regardless of how well we take care of ourselves, people who have a family history of cancer are typically more likely to develop the disease. Caring for a senior loved one with cancer, especially after they’ve reached the palliative or hospice care stage where chemo or radiation treatment has ended, can be extremely challenging, both physically and emotionally. At Laurentian Retirement Services, our in-home nursing care for the elderly can help ease some of the responsibility.

Cancer Care for the Elderly

Seniors who are in the advanced stages of cancer and are receiving palliative care might opt to receive care in a more comfortable and familiar setting than a hospital bed or hospice. Many of them prefer to remain at home surrounded by their belongings and loved ones. In-home nursing care in Oakville, Ontario ensures that your elderly loved one receives round-the-clock care and all of their needs will be promptly looked after. You can have the peace of mind you need in knowing that your elderly loved one is well cared for and you’ll be provided with timely updates about their health care plan and well-being.

Benefits of In-Home Cancer Care Services for Seniors

Home health care for seniors gives you and the rest of your family members the peace of mind in knowing that there’s always a reliable caregiver available to tend to your loved one’s every need. From maintaining a clean and organized home, to preparing healthy meals and keeping your elderly loved one company throughout the day, elderly cancer caregivers provide a wide range of essential services to guarantee that your parent or grandparent is comfortable.

Cancer home care assistance also entails having a registered healthcare professional at your loved one’s side to provide medication reminders, as well as ensuring that they’re taking their medications correctly and as prescribed. In the event of a medical emergency, there will always be a qualified in-home cancer caregiver available to take your loved one to the hospital and accompany them to their doctor`s appointments.

Our Senior Care Services for Cancer Patients

At Laurentian Retirement Services, we’re committed to providing the utmost care for our clients, regardless of what their needs are. All of our caregivers have an extensive medical background and are carefully chosen to match up with each and every single one of our clients. We also offer personalized meal plans and delivery services so that you can rest assured that your loved one is eating a healthy and well-balanced diet. Contact us today for more information.