Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Home Care Services

Arthritis can cause potentially serious mobility issues in seniors as they get older. It’s a painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes debilitating condition that makes it difficult for seniors to care for themselves. Laurentian Retirement Services offers reliable and affordable in-home nursing care for the elderly in Oakville, Milton, and Burlington, Ontario.

Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Care for Seniors

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis. It starts to form over time with natural wear and tear as the ligaments throughout the body weaken and wear down. Ligaments are the tissue that pad the joints and keep them moisturized to prevent them from rubbing against one another. Once the ligaments are worn down, there’s nothing preventing the joints from rubbing together and when this happens, the rubbing creates a great deal of friction between the joints. That’s exactly what osteoarthritis is. Home healthcare services for seniors can help people who are living with arthritis manage it better and lead meaningful, fulfilling, and pain-free lives.

If caught early, arthritis is a perfectly treatable condition and certain treatments, medications, exercise routines, and dietary plans can actually halt its progression. There’s no need to allow arthritis to stop you from living your life. If you or your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with any form of arthritis, then our trained in-home caregivers may be the perfect solution to help you manage your condition, minimize the pain, and help you manage it better.

Whether you’re the one suffering from arthritis or caring for someone who’s been diagnosed with it, Laurentian Retirement Services can help. We offer extensive nursing care for seniors that includes a wide range of necessary services.

Benefits of In-Home Arthritis Care Services for the Elderly

Seniors living with arthritis need a little bit of help around the house as their mobility and other capabilities may have waned due to physical pain. Arthritis symptoms can vary in severity, but for some people, even simply walking across a room can be excruciating. Our qualified and dedicated caregivers offer the support you need when it comes to providing high-quality and dependable care for your elderly loved one. They’ll arrive at your loved one’s home whenever it’s convenient for you and help with light household chores, cooking, laundry, and most importantly, keep your loved one company.

We understand that it can be challenging to care for a senior with arthritis. For that reason, we offer trustworthy, professional arthritis home care services that you can depend on with total peace of mind.

Our Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Care for Seniors

Laurentian Retirement Services is one of the few customized care providers in Canada. We understand that caring for elderly loved ones with arthritis is difficult and that’s why we offer personalized in-home care that’s tailored to the exact needs of your loved one. Our goal is to help your loved one enjoy their retirement years completely free from the burden and responsibility of having to run a household and suffer from arthritis pain. Contact us today to learn more about the exclusive services we have to offer!